Conquering the World: A Female’s Guide to Traveling Solo

I decided to travel to Europe by myself and explore and adventure wherever I chose. I mean yes, I had an itinerary, but I really decided what I wanted to do for the day when I woke up that morning. It was so spontaneous and unlike me, but it was one of the best experiences of my life. I didn’t go crazy and go tattooing my forehead saying “YOLO!” But I did learn to conquer my fear of heights by climbing the Eiffel Tower, (SO MANY STAIRS) which really encouraged me to do other things abroad that I wouldn’t normally be able to do in the United States.

Almost 3 years have passed now and I have continued to be inspired by the idea of traveling and going on crazy adventurous because, why not? I hiked to the nest of wild gorillas in Rwanda, Africa last summer, something I am very fortunate to have done. Hands down the best experience of my life. These types of experiences have really shaped my life and made me fortunate to be the person I am today. Having those once in a lifetime experiences are crucial to living life to the fullest. We really DO live once, so why not make the most of it?


It’s Not a Goodbye, It’s a See You Later

All good things have to come to an end, right?

Well, you’re in luck! I have enjoyed writing this blog throughout the last 10 weeks. I want to thank you for reading this, because it has really pushed me as a writer seeing all of your feedback on Facebook. Researching different blogs has taught me how to write a successful blog, and the criticism I have received has helped me along the way in order to have a successful blog. I have met so many new, different individuals through my ideas and visions of this travel blog. Their words of encouragement have really helped along the way as well.

I think it’s important to learn something new with everything you take on in life. I have gained so much knowledge from this blog and I will be able to use that information in the future to help myself in becoming a successful blogger. I really want to thank Nomadic Matt, because his blog was the main inspiration for mine. Reading his posts have inspired me to get out there in the world and go explore, and I hope my blog had the same effect on you.

It’s not over! I will continue to write on this blog as I meet new people that inspire me to be more adventurous with this life I have. Meeting people that push your boundaries is important in life, and I would love to continue to share those stories with you in the future.

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Updates will continue to be posted on Facebook 🙂