Status Check

Well, how am I doing??

Now as I mentioned in the beginning, this is the first time I have ever written a blog, so I knew from the beginning that it wouldn’t be perfect. Throughout the 10 weeks I have blogged, I have posted on Facebook and Twitter, and I have let my family and friends know about my blog in order to get some honest feedback on how I can improve. I thought I’d share some of this feedback with you, in order to make my blog better and more successful for you guys!

The one blog that has really inspired me is Nomadic Matt’s.  He continues to blog today, and each of his posts always engage the audience and encourage me to want to travel. I also really liked Poly Places, because it has a great layout and has images that really enhance the posts.

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 12.59.08 PM.png

The first piece of criticism was actually from my mom. After my first blog post, she said, “You should tell more of a story so that my readers are engaged with what you have to say.” I took this constructive criticism towards my next blog post, and followed more people’s stories, instead of sharing ordinary information.

Another piece of advice I received was from Sin Mei Chan, one of the people I interviewed for my road trip blog who was interested in my blog from the moment I asked to interview her. She said that my first blog post was “too long,” so I shortened it significantly and made it more engaging for my readers.

One of my fellow classmates in my other Journalism Class, Katie Mandsager, was also very engaged in my blog throughout the quarter. She said she appreciated all the information regarding my first Big Blog regarding the road trip, however, she said, “You should write a blog about traveling abroad, since a lot of your readers are your age and looking to travel abroad next year.” My next blog, as a result, was on the topic of studying abroad.

I have been able to take most of the constructive criticism that I have received and taken into consideration, until I received criticism from two High School friends on Twitter, saying “the layout of your webpage was a little hard to use.” At the 5th week in of my blog, it was difficult to change the layout of the webpage without hindering too much of my information. But I took their advice and in my next blog, I created more subtitles and bullet points so that it was easier to navigate through each post.

This blog has been nothing but a learning experience for me. I have learned to write each post more casual and conversational than the previous one. It’s gotten easier with each post, but it was really hard in the beginning to write in such a conversational tone.

I have learned so much, and I will only grow from here. I hope that you keep up with this blog, because I won’t stop posting until I get back from my own study abroad experience next year!

Screen Shot 2015-12-13 at 1.06.57 PM.png






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