Instagram – Social Media’s way of traveling

Instagram has become our world,”says New York Times journalist Vanessa Friedman. With over 300 million users, Instagram is officially THE App to be a part of. Whether posting about the food you’re eating, or posting about you and your friends, people have become addicted to posting pictures of themselves and what they’re doing. Instagram is truly a revolutionary way for our generation to post whatever they’re feeling. So how can it help you when you’re traveling?

With the new update, Instagram has made it easy to search for anything you want. They have categorized their search engine page with “Popular,” “People,” “Tags,” and “Places.” These categories make it very easy to search anything from famous celebrities to places that you’ve never been. As a traveler, Instagram can provide you with more information than you ever thought would be helpful. Here are a few reasons why Instagram can help you travel around the world!

  1. Seeing other people’s pictures will inspire you
  2. You can easily search your desired location
  3. Searching hashtags will make it easier on you to find adventurous places to travel to
  4. Family and friends from home can see your pictures and virtually travel with you
  5. It is convenient to find deals through travel companies through their pages

Travel agencies like Travel and Leisure have accounts, posting pictures of deals and giveaways they’re having, as well as posting pictures of places you didn’t even know existed.

One of my classmates, Tam Le, studied abroad for an entire year. She said that seeing pictures on Instagram actually encouraged her to go to new places through pictures other people were posting. It showed her what other people were doing in the country she was in, which helped her to become a more “adventurous traveler,” she said.

This APP can help you, too! It’s not only there for posting pictures of your everyday life, but it can inspire people all over the world to do what you’re doing. DOWNLOAD THIS APP! It will greatly inspire you through the pictures people post, like it did to Le, to be more adventurous and travel to  new places you never thought you’d be.


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