Thomas P. Peschak

Thomas P. Peschak is a famous photographer for the award winning magazine National Geographic, as well as the Director of Conservation for the Save our Seas Foundation. His work can best be classified as the shots that others wouldn’t dare to take under the water, as most of his photos are daring pictures of himself alongside sharks below the ocean’s surface.

His original love for travel stemmed from photography, as he likes to consistently push the boundaries with his photos, challenging himself with new expectations after every picture. His interests as a young adult lied in marine biology; however, through National Geographic and environmental photojournalism, he was able to find his passion for photographing the mammals he loves most: Sharks.

 Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 8.21.01 PM

Through breathtaking photos like this one, Thomas became one of the most sought after photographers on the National Geographic team. He has won several awards, such as the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year Award, as well as the World Press Photo Award for his work. He is now able to travel to different countries around the world in order to take these insanely breathtaking pictures for National Geographic.

Additional information on Peschak can be found here!


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