Create your own Footprint

Our technology today creates an advanced platform for us to be unlimited with the videos we take and the media that we post on the internet. Unlike ever before in our time, the resources we have allow us to be creative with every moment of our lives. It has become a trend of our time, especially while traveling to new surroundings, to have a consistent pose or action in front of every new setting while traveling. This allows us to have a fun side while traveling and showing our family at home our adventures. We are constantly obsessed with the new advances of technology, and the media has allowed us to make a competition out of the posts we make and the pictures we decide to share.

This is an example of an action repeated in front of several different destinations around the world, creating a cohesiveness to the trip traveled. These poses and actions that are taken in different regions of the world allow viewers to vicariously live through the traveler.


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