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We are so fortunate to have the freedom to travel wherever we want in this world. Yes, we might have work, children, or school that may hold us back from taking the next plane to France. But we’re so lucky that we can pretty much travel wherever we want. There are so many beautiful mountains, cities, farm-side landscapes, and oceans to explore, so why not? Travel gives us our greatest form of knowledge through experiences. It is our greatest freedom we have to learn about other cultures, races, and ethnicities through our own eyes. Crazy stories of flight changes, spontaneous love connections, or even last minute decisions can create memory after memory. You have to cut me some slack because this is my first blog I have ever written. But I am passionate about traveling so I have confidence that this will be successful.

I have read Nomadic Matt’s blog for years. He has inspired me by sharing his personal stories and giving helpful travel tips. Another great travel blog I’ve looked at over the past couple years is called the Wandering Trader. His is a little different from Matt’s because he gives more general information for people who travel alone rather than the more family friendly vibe of Nomadic Matt’s. They are both useful sources, so if you’re looking for some travel advice, check them out.

As I mentioned before, this is my first time blogging. I have looked at several other blogs of my peers from previous quarters, so I have a good idea of what a successful blog should look like. Shoutout to a blog I found made by a Journalism student at Cal Poly called Abroader View. I like it because it has the same topic of traveling as my blog. I also find Well That Was Awkward as a good model blog because it is very informative and I learned something new with every post, and I even though it isn’t on the topic of travel, I like the layout of the page because it is very clear and easy to use. Lastly, I think the blog What’s Trending Now is a good representation of what the viewers want to see and what they would be interested in. Well, here goes nothing… Hope you enjoy!


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